Private consultation is an excellent way to gain insight into the larger perspective of your soul development, relationships, karma and life purpose. A personalized consultation on Numerology and/or Ayurvedic Dosha is recommended for those who wish to increase awareness, consciousness and inner peace.

Nothing is right for everyone, everything is right for someone. Step on a path of understanding what is right for you!


Numerology is an ancient science of numbers which can uncover your personality, life, career, relationships etc. There is a reason that we all are born on a specific date and every date has a specific vibration. Numerology consultation may help you understand that your birth number along with your destiny number discloses a lot about your life and personality. Beside that there is a lot in a name. Your name is your identity. This dialogue also suggests whether your name is adding to a favorable number and help you achieve your goals or instead, it creates some challenges to the success you wish to have.

Consultation includes:
- Comprehensive overview of your destiny and life path
- Purpose of life insights
- Complete analysis of energetic patterns
- Clarity for soul work and purpose
- Possible critical points and challenges in your life

Ayurvedic Dosha

Ancient science of Ayurveda believes that everything in this universe is made out of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (Ether). A predefined combination of the five elements gives birth to three distinct energies in the body-mind complex of every individual. These energies or functional forces are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Irregular and inappropriate diet and lifestyle, stress and environmental influences can create an imbalance in our system, resulting in illness. When balanced, the ‘doshas’ (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) manifest as health and harmony.

The three Ayurveda types explained shortly:

Formed of Air and Space elements. Principle responsible for movements in body and mind - Characterised by these qualities: light, cold, mobile, dry and fine.

Formed of Fire and Water elements. Principle responsible for metabolism and transformation - Characterised by these qualities: moist (wet), pungent, sharp, liquid and hot.

Formed of Earth and Water elements. Principle responsible for hydration, binding and nourishment - Characterised by these qualities: slow, heavy, stable, cold and oily.

Consultation includes:
- A guide on simple, easy steps to implement an Ayurvedic Lifestyle
- How to find your dosha and learn to THRIVE with it. Getting to know and appreciate your dosha is the key to knowing yourself; your limits, your strengths and workarounds for  when you feel you’re not thriving.
- Learn how habits can result in a shift within yourself and how that can lead to disease. More importantly, learn how to incorporate habits that prevent disease.
- How to find lasting joy, balance, and health with Ayurveda in your life

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