Connecting with the 5 elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) we strive to find the flow between the lines of the movement by breathing and sequences (poses, gestures).
The classes are varied around a topic. Sometimes we relate to the Ocean, another time to the Sun or the Moon and with the help of yoga we work on balance, release, transmission or reception.

Place your hands on the Earth to feel grounded.
Wade in Water to feel emotionally healed.
Fill your lungs with fresh Air to feel mentally clear.
Raise your face to the heat of the Sun.
And connect with that Fire to feel your own immense power!

You can choose from Group and One-on-One yoga classes.

Group yoga classes
Share your light with other beautiful Beings and get ready to play, dance, feel, laugh, cry, support, release and heal by connecting with yourself and each other.

One-on-One classes
Deepen your practice; get rid of old patterns and experience higher growth through a personal “Selfness program”. Get in touch with your true nature and discover who you really are.

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