Would you like to experience traveling in the next level? How can a single vacation turn into a lifelong memory? Colour your BALI holiday with cultural, adventurous or spiritual programs and get to know yourself better. Try new things, taste freedom, see where is your comfort zone and simply enjoy life. You and your happiness are the most important for us, so give yourself the gift of fully living it. Are you ready for the Journey?

Seek blessings and absorb the beautiful views of Balinese temples /TEMPLES - for CULTURE LOVERS and people with SPIRITUAL INTERESTS
The temples are such an important part of Balinese life and culture that a visit to them is a great way of gaining some insight into how the locals live. While there are so many stunning Hindu temples (Bali counts at least 10.000 temples) and its unrealistic to visit all of them, a trip to Bali cannot be complete without checking out some of the best ones. So get inspired by the spectacular architecture and structure of the Balinese temples, witness the spellbinding location, and savour the mesmerizing views around. Om Swastiastu!

Immerse yourself in Nature and explore amazing waterfalls / WATERFALL visits - for NATURE LOVERS
It's incredible how many waterfalls actually are in Bali and still every month a new one get discovered. Enjoying the clean, cool waters and surrounding yourself with peaceful sounds of the forests is the perfect way to refresh yourself, no? Sit underneath one of the many spectacular falls and get yourself a special water massage while resting your eyes a little.

Tropical surfing experience on the waves of the Ocean /SURFING - for ADVENTURE SEEKERS
If you want to experience freedom while riding the waves, you are in the best place on the island of Bali. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer these surfing spots won't let you down. Experienced instructor, good quality surfboard, pleasant tropical water and endless sunshine, a real "Balifornia" - need more than that?

Dive into the Ocean and discover a fascinating underwater world /DIVING - for ADVENTURE SEEKERS and NATURE LOVERS
Do you feel attracted to the deep Blue and love water? Would you like to know more about it? Now is your chance to immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the Ocean with skilled instructors and the greatest security, discover its wonderful corals, colourful fish and get a closer look on a shipwreck sunk during the II. World War. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, the dive sites of the East Coast will offer you so much fun.

Participate in a special water ceremony /CEREMONY - for CULTURE LOVERS and people with SPIRITUAL INTERESTS
Do you wonder why the Balinese people smile so much? Where does this harmony and satisfaction come from that even if they have a very simply life they radiate to us? Open yourself to peace that Nature has given us, say your wishes and let the Holy Water purify your soul and refresh your body.

Esoteric Energizing Massage from a Balinese Healer /ENERGY TREATMENT - for WELLNESS & SELFNESS LOVERS
Do you feel like having something more than a pampering massage? Do you want your energy centres to work properly again? This special 2-hours treatment brings harmony on a physical, mental and spiritual level, relieves you from stress, energy blocks and any kind of discomfort. The ancient knowledge of healing has been passed down from generation to generation and you will experience its 'magic'.

Balinese sunset on two wheels with barbecue and offering making /CYCLING - for ADVENTURE SEEKERS and CULTURE LOVERS
Explore the authentic world of Bali by bike. Cycle off the beaten track, pass by rice fields and traditional villages. During the 3-hour tour, you can get some insights about the lives of the locals, see how farmers work in the fields, how Balinese art has survived, what a traditional house looks like and why Bali is said to be the ‘island of a thousand temples’. After cycling while we are waiting for the well-deserved barbecue bites we also become locals for a short time and learn to make the Balinese offering basket.

White water rafting on the river Ayung /RAFTING - for ADVENTURE SEEKERS and NATURE LOVERS
Do you want an adrenaline-filled, fun day during your vacation? Paddle on the white rapids of the Ayung river and admire the exotic beauty of the valley. After 2,5 hours of rowing be our guest for a well-deserved buffet lunch. This is an excellent team program, share the experience with your friends and family.

Conquer the summit of Batur volcano and enjoy the spectacular sunrise /TREKKING - for ADVENTURE SEEKERS and NATURE LOVERS
The Batur volcano which is still active today is one of Bali's most emblematic mountains. On its top we feel that without question Bali is the island of the Gods. The program starts at night so that when we reach the volcano, we have time to take the 2.5-hour hike before the first rays of the Sun show themselves in the blue sky. The colours that emerge from the layer of clouds paint our day in a serene colour as well. We walk around the crater, make friends with the monkeys living on the summit and then slowly descend back to admire the volcano from below. Upon request the tour can be combined with a thermal bath program.

One loves it deliciously - cook like a Balinese /COOKING - for GASTRONOMY LOVERS
We start the morning at the local market by buying the ingredients and then mastering the hang of the Balinese cuisine. We get to know the fruits, vegetables, spices grow here and then in favour of culinary delights we prepare a traditional lunch menu. Vegetarian version is available upon request.

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