Healing comes from nature. Being surrounded by beautiful Mother Nature is a full mind, body and soul experience.

I invite you to a perfect scene for a peaceful setting.

This is place where you can feel at home among tropical flowers and get inspired by the magnificence of the Ocean. This is a place where even the palm trees seem to sway to the music in the warm sea breeze. This is a place where your 5 senses immediately get activated. This is a place where the outside paradise helps you to dive within.

Allow yourself to experience the smell of the salt in the air, the feel of the sand on your body and the soothing sound of waves crashing onto the beach. Allow yourself to be part of the nature and to discover the treasures of the Outside and the Inside.

Daily schedule

The daily schedule is designed on the natural cycle of our human body and by experiencing the most of the nature.

It gives time to the heart to be fulfilled by moving, relaxing nurturing, digesting, enjoying and resting.

Invigorated by the energy of the Sun we will start the day with a dynamic and vibrant practice.

Receiving the cooling and reflective energies of the Moonlight in the late afternoons we will move through a slower paced flow.

During the day we will discover the treasures of the unique culture of Bali, trek in beautiful sceneries, enjoy the magnificence of the Ocean, nurture ourselves with yummy juices and delicious vegan food and get revitalised by relaxing spa treatments.

Take part in a Fabulous Tropical Weekend - Diving & Yoga for the whole family 31st July - 2nd August

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