LIFE IS A JOURNEY! - InSide and OutSide

Have you ever thought whilst looking all this time for the magic in the world, it's been inside you all along?

When we look to the beauty of nature, we can identify five elements that provide the foundation for the entire physical world. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are basic principles of the universe and primary components of all living being, including ourselves. Understanding and balancing the way these five elements interact and influence us we are able to create and sustain harmony in our own lives.

Tropical Yoga invites you to discover. By discovering nature, we discover ourselves. Travel through the five elements in the beautiful island of Bali and let the journey support you in reconnecting with yourself.

Every breath we take, every step we make, every path we are on can be filled with joy, peace and love

Visit the land of the 'Island of the Gods' and get personal experiences what is a real tropical paradise on Earth. Climb volcanic mountains to see the early sunrise, cycle beside rice paddies and challenge your comfort zone with jungle treks.

Observe different forms of Water through your trips from picturesque waterfalls to fresh water rivers through the magnificent of the Indian Ocean. Swim, snorkel, dive, surf, paddle and find your inner flow with Tropical Yoga.

Connect with the ancient spirit of Mount Agung and Mount Batur, take part in a fire ceremony with a traditional healer and participate in a Balinese cooking class. Indulge yourself with colourful sunsets by the coast and let the rays of the Sun warm up your soul.

Try a Bali swing over charming landscapes and fly up to the sky. Relax in a hammock and let the tropical breeze pleasantly sway you. Breath in the salty air and celebrate your freedom.

Discover the omnipresence of Balinese Hinduism in everyday life and enjoy the special atmosphere created by the Balinese architecture. Meditate in scenic locations and pamper yourself with a Balinese massage. Give space for relaxation and enjoy just to be.

Have a look on specific PROGRAMS.

Give yourself a GIFT of a SELF-RETREAT!

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