Yoga for Divers

Do you dream about discovering the underwater world but your fear of depth stops you to dive?
Or are you already a diver but you wish to improve your air consumption?

As an experienced advanced diver and an Ocean-lover yoga teacher I'm here to help you letting go your fears through meditation and achieving a steady, proper breathing by pranayama practices.

The breath is the bridge that allows us to come into a state of union with ourselves.

The positive effects of the many breathing exercises in yoga, divers have found that yoga gives them a deeper affinity with the Ocean. Firstly, the practice of yogic breath can improve air consumption. This offers a more pleasurable and longer dive! Secondly, the physical yoga postures relieve tensions in the body from heavy tanks and weight belts. When our bodies are more relaxed and our breathing balanced, you are left with even more positive diving experience.

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